We're Tommy & MJ

Welcome to Till the Dirt, a weekly podcast where Tommy Feight and Mercedes Javid talk about the ins and outs of their relationship. You may already know them from Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset, currently on their 9th Season, but there’s still so much to be told! 

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Our Favorite Episodes

Ubers, Boners and A Walk of Shame

Till the Dirt the whole idea, the name and the concept for the show was something I have had on my mind for quite some time so for me the first episode will always be my favorite. Never mind the fact that it is hilarious but this is actually the first time we have been able to sit down and really go back to the beginning to when it all began.

Team Tommy or Team MJ

 This is the first time that the hosts turn to their listeners to help them decide once and for all – who was right? – in a disagreement that they had several years ago. The episode is filled with some hilarious moments and they paint the picture perfectly of what happened on this particular night… You almost feel like you are there with them which makes the episode that much more exciting.

Moving in Together & It's Too Early for COFFEE (Vida)

“This is my favorite episode because Tommy and I get to reminisce on a very special part of our relationship which was when we moved in together for the first time! We talk about what the most important conversations to have are and share some funny things we learned about each other… There’s also some good Vida impersonations in there.”

Tommy and MJ are on the Popular show Shahs of Sunset.

How did a Persian broad from Beverly Hills meet an Irish loudmouth from Queens?

(Spoiler alert – it may or may not have been on Tinder).

This is the retelling of their love story.

Who said I love you first?  What did MJ’s friends really think about Tommy?  What did Queens think of Beverly Hills? 

They’re opening up about everything with some never before told stories and NOTHING is off the table.

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